Advance C Programming (c programing classes in pune)

C is a very basic programming language and most widely used programming languages of all time.we can say that it is a building block for every other languages. Avimantra IT Academy provide the c programing classes in pune.Many Applications like Embedded Systems, Application Software, System Software, Games, Mobile apps, Device Drivers Programming etc are built with c programming language.C was invented to write an operating system called UNIX.The language was formalized in 1988 by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).Today’s most popular Linux OS and RDBMS MySQL have been written in C.Iphone,Twitter website and most of the antiviruses are also written in C. Avimantra IT Acadeny is the Top Training Center for c programing language in Pune.If you are searchning training and placement institute in c programming classes in pune | C Programming Training Institutes in Pune | c Training Institute in pune | Best C Programming Classes In Pune. than you can contact from Avimantra IT Academy.Cwhich provide the best Best C Programming Classes In Pune to learn. When a student completes his/ her course successfully, Avimantra IT Academy Placement Cell helps him/ her interview with many small,medleavel and MNC Company.

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c programming training institute in pune

Weekdays Batch

Date Time (IST) City Location
12-09-2019 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Vadgaon Budruk,Pune First floor(Beside K9 Fitness Club)Pune Maharashtra 411041

Weekends Batch

Date Time (IST) City Location
05-10-2019 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Vadgaon Budruk,Pune First floor(Beside K9 Fitness Club)Pune Maharashtra 411041
Computer Peripherals
Computer Software
  -> Types of software
  -> Types of operating system
Level of language
  ->Machine Level Language
  ->Assembly Level Language
  ->High-Level Language

-> Source Program
-> Object Program
-> Diference Between Source Program and Object Program

-> What is C Language
-> History of C
-> Features of C
-> How to install C
-> First C Program
-> Flow of C Program
-> printf scanf
-> Variables in C
-> Data Types in c
-> Keywords in c
-> C Operators
-> C Comments
-> C Escape Sequence
-> Constants in C
-> C Fundamental Test

-> C if-else
-> C switch
-> C Loops
-> C do-while loop
-> C while loop
-> C for loop
-> C break
-> C continue
-> C goto
-> Type Casting
-> C Control Statement Test

-> What is function
-> Call: Value & Reference
-> Recursion in c
-> Storage Classes
-> C Functions Test
-> 1-D Array
-> 2-D Array
-> Array to Function
-> C Array Test

-> C Pointers
-> C Pointer to Pointer
-> C Pointer Arithmetic

-> Dynamic memory

-> String in C
-> C gets() & puts()
-> C String Functions
-> C strlen()
-> C strcpy()
-> C strcat()
-> C strcmp()
-> C strrev()
-> C strlwr()
-> C strupr()
-> C strstr()
-> C String Test

-> C Math Functions

-> C Structure
-> C Array of Structures
-> C Nested Structure
-> C Union
-> C Structure Test

-> C File Handling
-> C fprintf() fscanf()
-> C fputc() fgetc()
-> C fputs() fgets()
-> C fseek()
-> C rewind()
-> C ftell()

-> C Preprocessor
-> C Macros
-> C #include
-> C #define
-> C #undef
-> C #ifdef
-> C #ifndef
-> C #if
-> C #else
-> C #error
-> C #pragma
-> C Preprocessor Test

-> Command Line Arguments

-> C Expressions
-> Data Segments

-> C Programming Test

-> Top 10+ C Programs
-> Fibonacci Series
-> Prime Number
-> Palindrome Number
-> Factorial
-> Armstrong Number
-> Sum of digits
-> Reverse Number
-> Swap Number
-> Print "Hello" without semicolon ;
-> Assembly code in C
-> C program without main
-> Matrix Multiplication
-> Decimal to Binary
-> Number in Characters
-> Alphabet Triangle
-> Number Triangle
-> Fibonacci Triangle
-> C Interview Questions

C Programming Course Info

  • Lectures:40
  • Test:13
  • Duration:07 Week
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Avimantra IT Academy is the Best c programing classes in pune